Our Classes

Our school has seven year groups - Reception through to Year 6 as well as a Nursery for two and three year olds. Each age group makes up one class. As a result, the class sizes vary - the smallest being just 21 - but we believe that this organisational pattern will ensure that as we carefully build on their prior academic learning, each child’s individual needs, level of maturity and social development will be best promoted.

Why not click on the individual named class menu to find out who our dedicated teachers and support staff involved in each class are and to gain a flavour of the activities that regularly go on. You will find a link to an overview of each term’s work amongst other useful information. In every class you and your child are assured of a very warm welcome.

We pride ourselves on the high level of care, guidance and support we offer our children. Each child is known and valued and our headteacher, Mrs. Hurrell, plays a significant role in the personal development of every child. We believe it is part of our responsibility to prepare our children as much as possible for the personal and emotional demands which are, and will be, placed upon them as they grow up.

There is of course much more to school life than what is taught in the classroom and we offer our children plenty of opportunities to enjoy and learn beyond it through our wide ranging programme of visits and visitors, outdoor learning and special events. Among the most popular special events are DT Weeks, Music Days, Class Assemblies, Maths Days, Poetry Links and Science Investigation Weeks. Complementing these exciting opportunities are our daily commitment to sports and the arts, and our programme of After School Clubs.

I love our Sensory Garden with the Bug Hotel, bridge and archway.
Year 2 pupil
I learned so much in History when we visited Alford Day Centre. The people had so much to tell us - I wrote two sides of notes! The crumble on our puddings is delicious. I've now got the recipe so I can make it at home.
Year 6 pupil Year 5 pupil
Fun Club is ace! And the name is exactly what it is.
Year 3 pupil

We all know that setbacks and disappointments are part of life but for children these can sometimes become very difficult to move on from. At Huttoft we strive to help all children reach their potential and feel good about themselves; this year a particular focus is to help children develop resilience. Staff training exploring the key areas of communication, problem solving and understanding and coping with emotions has taken place.

We encourage the children to understand that it is okay to get something wrong and that persevering at something until we get it right can bring a great sense of achievement. Seeing respected adults and those they love having to work hard at a task or goal, without giving in or losing self-control, helps children to see this is the normal pattern of life. Developing a ‘thick skin’ and learning to ‘bounce back’ will lead to healthy and happy individuals who know well the familiar mantra: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Over recent months new children have joined our school - here are some of the lovely remarks we have received:

This is the best school EVER and I've been to loads.   Your academic results are well above what our children were getting in their last school.
Year 6 pupil   Year 3 and Y1 parent
  Hockey is great!  
  Year 5 pupil  
I like everybody here!   The best thing about Huttoft is everyone plays together and I feel so safe.
Year 5 pupil   Year 4 pupil