Our Governing Body is made up of a group people who are particularly committed to the future developments of the school. Several of our members have served the school for many years. Put alongside newer members, the wealth of experience available to the school averages out at seven years for each member. In addition to the number of members required by the School's Articles of Association, the Governing body may co-opt up to three additional members. These members will be selected according to need(s) identified by the biennial skills audit carried out by the Governing Body.

Through their strategic plan, the Governing Body works tirelessly with the Headteacher to maintain and enhance:

The other significant work of the Governing Body is that of financial responsibility. Part of being an Academy is that the school must manage and be accountable for its own financial affairs.

Our Governing Body Members

Special Interests:

Mr. Doug Porter-Robinson (Chairperson)
Mr. Mark White (Vice chairperson)Health and Safety
Mrs. Alison Hurrell (Headteacher)
Miss Jodie Mullen
Mrs. Debra Osborne
Mrs. Wendy Smalley
Mr. Rob Follett
Mrs. Julia Porter-RobinsonAnti-Bullying/SEND/Child Protection
Mrs. Sam FieldmanP.E.
Mrs. Jenny Clark

Membership of Committees

Finance (Audit Committee)

Mrs. Alison Hurrell
Mrs. Sam Fieldman
Mrs. Debra Osborne
Mr. Doug Porter-Robinson (Chairperson)

Pupil Wellbeing (including Attendance, Child Protection, SEN and Health and Safety)

Mrs. Julia Porter-Robinson (Chairperson)
Miss. Jodie Mullen
Mrs. Alison Hurrell
Mr. Rob Follett

Appeals (additional members elected as necessary)

Mrs. Sam Fieldman
Mr. Mark White

Policy (including standards, curriculum, procedures and school effectiveness)

Mrs. Julia Porter-Robinson
Mr. Mark White
Mrs. Wendy Smalley
Mrs. Debra Osborne (Chairperson)
Mrs. Alison Hurrell


Mrs. Julia Porter-Robinson (Chairperson)
Mrs. Alison Hurrell
Mrs. Jenny Clark
Mr. Rob Follett

Member Governors who left the Academy's Governing Body in 2017/18

NameDate appointedDate leftBusiness interest

Trustee Governors who left the Academy's Governing Body in 2017/18

NameDate appointedDate leftBusiness interestTerm of officeAppointed by

Member Governors who left the Academy's Governing Body in 2016/17

NameDate appointedDate leftBusiness interest
Rachael HoultbySeptember 2012September 2017Choice Properties and Wilkin Chapman Solicitors

Trustee Governors who left the Academy's Governing Body in 2016/17

NameDate appointedDate leftBusiness interestTerm of officeAppointed by
Richard Mountain06/2016July 2017-4 yearsGoverning Body

Anyone interested in finding out about how to become a Governor or wanting to discuss a school issue with a Governor, should contact the Clerk to the Governors in the first instance on 01507 490284 or e-mail

For a schedule of Governors meetings for 2017/18 click here.

Record of Attendance

Attendance of the following meetings can be view by click on the relevant date.

September 2017 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, D. Osborne, S. Fieldman, M. White, W. Smalley, J. Mullen, A. Hurrell, J. Clark, R. Follett

November 2017 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, M. White, A. Hurrell, D. Osborne, J. Mullen, W. Smalley, S. Fieldman, J. Clark

February 2018 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, M. White, J. Clark, W. Smalley, D. Osborne, J. Mullen, A. Hurrell, J. Porter-Robinson (via audio link)

April 2018 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, M. White, W. Smalley, S. Fieldman, D. Osborne, A. Hurrell, J. Mullen, J. Porter-Robinson

May 2018 Full Meeting

D. Porter-Robinson, S. Fieldman, J Clark, M. White, W. Smalley, A. Hurrell, J. Porter-Robinson, D. Osborne

Spring Term 2018 Report

We ended the term with the exciting announcement from the ESFA that we had another successful CIF Bid. The application process for a Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) Bid is both complex and comprehensive but all the effort was fully rewarded and the school will benefit hugely from a new fire evacuation system to be put in during 2018/2019.

The Spring Term activities were many and varied – almost every day hosted something special to enrich our children’s education. DT Week is clearly a very popular event and both the Assemblies were so well supported by our parents and carers. DT encompasses so many of our school’s aims and promotes so many facets of personal development and character education. Resilience, neighbourliness, community spirit and tolerance spring to mind immediately. I was particularly impressed with the children’s confidence in contributing to their DT Assembly in front of such large audiences.

Out and about our school receives so many positive messages about the children’s behaviour and manners – these come in from all corners of our community. It is difficult to recall them all but the ‘What our Parents Say’ section of the website records a small sample.

The Year 4 Museum was a resounding success and witnessing the children together in their shelter singing White Cliffs of Dover at the close was very moving. Year 6 held their annual Business Enterprise Project and in true Huttoft spirit, shared their takings with their chosen charity. By the end of the term the Query Crew and Year 6 had raised over £500 through their charity fundraising events – fantastic.

The annual Big Breakfast and Tractor Day serve to remind our children of the importance of a good meal to start each day and the significance of Lincolnshire farmers in the nation’s food industry. Both these themes are endorsed through each class’s cycle of cookery lessons. I witnessed school lunches this term – not only was it a delicious meal, but sitting with the children I was able to hear their views on school food. They had plenty to tell me and all so positive! School dinners have certainly changed since my day!

Sports and Music always feature highly on the curriculum because of the value they add to life-long learning. Several governors have been able to attend inter-school events as well as the concert at Lincolnshire String and Wind Day which featured our WOPs orchestra and no less than five of our older children in the main orchestra. At two separate sports events this term our teams were awarded the ‘Sporting Values’ trophy in recognition of their attitude. We all know that taking part gives great enjoyment so it comes as no surprise that PE is the school’s favourite subject for 2017/2018!

We have continued to develop the Governing Body with attendance at training events through the Lincolnshire Governor Partnership, internal Week 12 Staff/Governor training, on line training and making visits to school whenever we can. We have begun participation in an external review of governance as directed by Ofsted, November 2017. Maths continues to be a discussion item at each full governing body meeting as we seek to raise attainment across the school. We have introduced a Social Media Policy and been involved in the Induction Programme of two members of staff.

Once again I would like to thank my governor colleagues for their interest, enthusiasm and commitment to the school. Our work in monitoring and evaluating the performance of the school is progressing in line with the school’s post-Ofsted Action Plan and School Development Plan.

Mr. D. Porter-Robinson
Chair of the Governing Body

Autumn Term 2017 Report

We were very pleased that the core Values we hold so dear and work hard to promote at our school were well recognised by Ofsted during our inspection in November. They were endorsed by parents and children alike in the feedback you gave to the team and a number of your thoughtful comments were quoted in the final report. Those Values are: an enriched school life, a happy, safe environment in which to work and play, care and respect for one another and firm and fair discipline. Combined together they establish and maintain the very strong family atmosphere we have at Huttoft.

The activities on offer over the Autumn Term have been as frequent and varied as ever. There are too many to discuss in detail but highlights must be the music, sport, geography field trips, school lunch for parents, book fayre, community links fund raising, Christmas and FHS activities. These all featured highly on the calendar. Feedback from the children celebrated the weekly Sports Partnership activities on Wednesdays – running from 08:00 with ‘Wednesday Wiggle’ through to 3:00 pm – and the field trips. The photos scrolling on the digital signage gave a fantastic recount of the content of the field trips half day activities and we as governors, were privileged to join almost all of them. We also attended a number of the Christmas and sporting activities. Taking part enables us to see for ourselves the impact of decisions we take about the school’s curriculum and the quality of teaching and learning that our children receive. It never ceases to amaze us – and no doubt parents too – how much is fitted into a day, a week, a half term at school! We greatly appreciate how hard the staff work to secure learning for life and enrichment opportunities for the children.

Part of our governor work involves regular training for us – this term members have attended the Lincolnshire Partnership twilight meetings, September INSET Day’s annual Safeguarding briefing presented by the school’s DSL and a presentation about Attachment Disorder. We operate a governor training needs audit in alternate years and prepared this early this term. It identified a need for training in financial matters – which we will be addressing during the year.

We have a cycle of Policy reviews and have reviewed those that come up in the Autumn Term. These included a complete overhaul of the Finance, Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies. During next term we will be ensuring the school complies with the forthcoming national GDP Regulation – initial training has been received.

During the latter part of the term we submitted our next Condition Improvement Fund Bid (18/19). There are two parts to this Bid – one to address window replacement to the South and East sides of the main building and the other to further improve our emergency evacuation system. Delays to the car park have been many – all associated with Planning – the final announcement is due mid January. We wait with bated breath!

Early 2018 sees the conclusion of our current School Development Plan. This is timely in the light of our Ofsted inspection and we will be compiling a new SDP with the issues raised by Ofsted at its heart i.e., raising standards in Maths and ensuring the highest possible attainment for all.

Our school is unique – it stands as an independent Academy with a long history behind it and a strong future ahead. I’ve often heard it said that among the successes of Huttoft are the old traditions and new additions that are so skilfully woven into life here.

Finally, I would like to thank my governor colleagues for their time and commitment to the school. I am proud to be Chair of Governors of Huttoft Primary School as both a former parent and a member of the local community.

Mr D. Porter-Robinson
Chair of the Governing Body

Summer Term 2017 Report

Another school year has drawn to a close and it gives the governors pleasure to review how our school’s aims have been met during the year and how our work to raise standards has shown in the 2017 test results. We have held Maths as a priority this year, discussing it through each Agenda, checking and reviewing data, talking to staff and supporting new initiatives and developments. Funding for targeted support in Maths for individuals and groups of children has been enabled from the staffing budget. The SAT results demonstrated the success of the school’s efforts and next term we will be considering the steps that now need to be taken as we seek to ensure sustained improvement in outcomes for our children.

We are very proud of the positive, caring ethos of our school and we frequently hear complimentary remarks from external sources that confirm our view of it. During this term we finalised our Behaviour Strategy as the model to direct the Behaviour Policy. This has been an important project and one we are pleased to have developed. We firmly believe in positive approaches towards behaviour and believe that this document will be very useful to the staff in promoting them.

The range of Summer term activities on offer to the children has impressed us again and we sincerely appreciate how hard the staff work to facilitate them. Inter and intra sports events, concerts, residentials, day trips, secondary taster days, transition days, poetry recitations, DT Week, Music Day, Alford’s Indian Summer, fund-raising, St Margaret’s Church festival, careers education, the Summer Fayre and Class Assemblies for starters! Each of these offers different opportunities for the development of our children’s personal skills and qualities. Put alongside the very stimulating environment that the school gives, it came as no surprise to us that both the Query Crew and the Y6 Leavers’ surveys reported favourably on the range.

Training-wise this term members of the governing body have attended a wide variety of the school’s events, a Meet and Greet opportunity, the weekly Staff Choir, the Week 12 joint staff/governor module on More Able provisions and Lincolnshire County Council’s units on dementia, behaviour and safeguarding. We have reviewed our biennial Skills Audit (termly) to make sure we have expertise in as many relevant areas as possible.

We have begun planning for how we can provide the very best ‘free 30 hours’ of nursery education from September. We have spent time with the Query Crew who confirmed our view that they really value the opportunities being a member brings. We completed the Induction Programmes for two staff with an informal meeting to assess their settling in period. The A52 field has been a topic for frequent discussion and we eagerly await the outcome of the planning application so building works can begin. The final task of the term was approval of the final Budget Expenditure Plan for 17/18 – this prioritises staffing as the key expenditure needed to meet our Aims and Vision next year.

Thank you governors for the dedicated time and commitment you give to the school – our drive is the key to the school’s continued success.

Mr D. Porter-Robinson
Chair of the Governing Body

Governing Body Business Interests

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