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QEGS Business Enterprise Day Y5

Last week most of Year 5 attended a Business Enterprise Day at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Alford. It felt strange going straight there from home instead of coming to school at Huttoft first! Some sixth form students welcomed us and explained how the grammar school encourages business skills and creativity. It made us feel keen to get on with things!

The first session was making a Vibro-bot, we didn’t have long to design so it was quite a rush to complete the task. The trickiest bit was probably attaching the power pack to the tumbler. After a snack break we went onto the huge field and played some team activities which were good fun. Lunch was pizza – some of us thought it was yummy.

The main lesson in the afternoon was to create a PowerPoint presentation to promote a Vibro-Bot, we had to decide on one toy from each group, which was tough but we did it sensibly! Each group had to present their promotion plan to everyone else and we all felt pleased with the decisions. Last of all we had a tour around the school and this was great. We all thought the Art classroom was fantastic and such an inspiring place! We were especially pleased to see Art work by former pupils of Huttoft!!

Everyone agreed it had been a good visit and we felt proud to have taken part.

Derbyshire 2019

Even though we had to get up really, really early, I’m sure we were all excited. The bus was loud on the way there, but not as deafening as we thought.

When we arrived, we saw the beauty of the countryside- It was awesome! We went to a park at Matlock and had a lot of fun. We soon arrived at the Tramway Museum and we were amazed to find trams that were over 100 years old!

After going to buy sweets with our spending money, we headed to Kedleston Hall with its marble hall, the family possessions, the peacock dress and more! When we came out, we went to a gift shop where many of us got ice-cream. Then we had a photo and off we went!

When we got to the youth hostel, we were surprised to see a very grand building mimicking a castle. We unpacked in our rooms and got settled in. After tea, (which was delicious) we went for a walk over the River Dove on some stepping stones and did a relay race. Each room created a rap about Derbyshire and performed it!

We were really tired so we had a shower, our midnight feast, a wash, brushed our teeth and slept like logs!

Y5 Curriculum Day at JSTC


We had an exciting visit to JSTC. It was good to see a different school and the space theme was fun. JSTC decided on the theme because it’s almost fifty years since the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969 when a human being walked on the Moon for the first time!


We had English, Technology, Geography and Science lessons and enjoyed them all! We liked making light sabres in Technology using acrylic rods and PVC. You could say the science lesson was explosive – it’s a good job we were wearing safety glasses! We made oxygen to relight a glowing splint and hydrogen. We didn’t make enough hydrogen to send a rocket to the Moon but just enough to make a loud bang! We all received a Rocket Scientist badge. Even the lunch was ‘out of this world’ with tasty pizza or jacket potato and thick chunks of sponge cake – yummy! Thanks to everyone at JSTC for a COSMIC day!

Visiting Skegness Grammar School

Going to Skegness Grammar School for a Y5 Taster Day was an amazing experience and we all had a great time. On arrival we heard Harry Potter music and the teacher who welcomed us wore a black gown and had an owl! He showed us our timetable and then two sixth formers took us to the first lesson which was Quidditch in the sports hall. We used hockey sticks and three types of balls to create this great game… such fun!!! After P.E we headed down to science class where we made wizard wands out of wire, LED bulbs and battery packs. This wasn’t an ordinary science lesson though because we then got to meet a bearded dragon, tortoise, tarantula, chinchilla, African snails and stroke a snake! The bravest amongst us actually held the tarantula!!

After lunch we did 11+ practice; we had to stand in the hoop to show whether we thought the answer was A, B, C or D and explain our choice! Best of all for most of us was our final lesson…Music. We all made trumpets from hose pipes and funnels - we did use proper mouthpieces though! Everyone had chance to practise blowing and making different sounds, it was really tricky but by pulling a ‘grumpy granny’ face we managed it. What a super day, we all enjoyed it so much. Thank you, Skegness Grammar School, for inviting us.

By Imoghen and Bailey – Mae

Y5 Class Assembly

Our Class Assembly about the Aztecs was the best class assembly ever! It was a bit nerve-racking at first but once we got going everyone was fine and we all remembered our lines really well. One thing that made it so good we think were the costumes …. we all looked fantastic with our shields, headdresses, masks and feathers! There were so many interesting facts about the Aztecs and we loved presenting what we’d learnt to our families and friends. The music and dancing seemed to put a smile on everyone’s face! We are proud of how well we worked together to make the assembly a success. Like the Aztec tribe, we demonstrated teamwork and it paid off!

April 4th 2019

Our Easter Raffle was as exciting as always. We sat on tenter-hooks hoping our names would be pulled out of the bag. There were over 100 Easter prizes to win – all donated by our families and staff. The money raised will be used towards the new gazebos we need for Sports Day and the Fayres.

March 2019

Y6 Business Enterprise was a huge success! Many orders for the products were taken and sales were strong right across the school. New ideas for 2019 were pompom animals, cushions and magnetic bookmarks. We all valued the feedback Miss Francis and her Enterprise Captains (Past pupils Ella and Izzy) gave about our planning and designing. They also taught us a bit about profit-making – very useful! After all our hard work we are looking forward to having Business Studies lessons in Y7.

Y3 Assembly

Y3's Assembly was a real "Thriller".

Triangle Dance Challenge!

During PE we had a quick go at the Triangle Dance Challenge, it's not as easy as Y6 made it look!

DT Week

Last week (for Y4/5/6) it was DT week!

Here are the projects the children (Y4-Y6) were set with:

This year Y4 came out with another creative and unique design for their projects. They did tree-houses and all the pupils who had done that DT project before, were impressed with this new feature the Y4's came up with.

Y5's had indeed created futuristic homes with unique ideas that made us think about the future houses, and how our lifestyle could change. They thought about how in the future, skyscrapers could become earth scrapers, so instead of going up, they go down!

Y6's classroom was noisy this DT week. Each member of Y6 thought carefully how they could make their wind chime make the sound they wanted and the materials they could use to do this.

Y3 didn't take part in DT this week, as they were busy dancing to 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson. But I'm sure they will impress us with their kites in next week's DT assembly!

Each junior took pride in their completed work and was able to take it home and impress the family.

What did you do? How could you improve your design next year?

Monster Phonics - Year 1


The children have been having lots of phonics fun in Year 1, using Monster Phonics! We love the monster characters, who all have their very own phoneme!

The flashcards really help us, with graphemes that make the same phoneme all grouped into one colour.


There’s so much to do in each phonics session, from watching an animation to singing songs and listening to stories! The multi-sensory activities are brilliant!

We are always looking out for words that ‘Tricky Witch’, has changed with her magic wand!


The silent ghosts are very friendly, but we have to be very careful with ghost letters as you see them, but they don’t make a sound!

The Monsters have become a big part of our everyday learning!


Swimming Gala, Louth, 24th January, 2019

Thursday 24th January went to a swimming gala in Louth. We had to swim against some other schools. Before we started with the races, we did 50m warm up, of front crawl. First race was the girls doing their race on front crawl and then the boys doing their back stroke. After that we watched everyone race against one another doing other stokes. We were definitely the loudest school there! We supported each other when they were racing by clapping and chanting ‘Huttoft’. After we did the freestyle relay we had a relay medley so did the year 5’s and year 6’s! The very last race was a Raft Race – we had to push/pull the raft over 4 lengths in a team of 4. We won that race and all got a medal! Very exciting! Finally we got changed and went back to school. It was a great afternoon, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

By Maisie and Ollie Year 3

Year 5 Science

Making pulleys in Science was so interesting. Everybody worked really hard; each team chose their own components and pulley design. There were a few mishaps such as the wheel sliding along the dowelling and keeping the string in the grooves but it was worth the effort! Charlie said she was having fun and learning at the same time which is great. Building the pulleys made you really think about what each part did so that helped when it came to doing the diagram and explanation in our Science books we knew just what to write! For some of us making the pulley succeed through teamwork was the best thing. Ethan, Sammy, Hadyn and Josh built an amazing movable crane and now we are all looking forward to using the Meccano kit to develop our science and technology skills further!

Year 5 cooking 27th November, 2018

This term in Year 5 we have been cooking lots of spicy food. First of all, Cajun Chicken, then stir fry and Potato and Chickpea curry. Our latest recipe was Mexican chilli flavour mince in tortilla wraps. We cooked onion, garlic, peppers, red kidney beans and mince with chopped tomatoes. Our slicing and chopping skills have been put to good use.

The majority liked the Mexican style wrap, but just 4 out of 26 didn’t like it so much. Rosie and Sammy wished it was spicier…some thought it was a bit too spicy! Apart from the kidney beans, Amelie rated it 9 out of 10. Overall, we’d say it was extremely perfect – the ingredients went well together and, if you like garlic, there was a delicious smell in the classroom!

Year 6 Class Assembly, 16th November, 2018

Last Thursday, we Year 6’s performed our Class Assembly. It was all about World War I and we presented our work in groups of 3 or 4. It went very well, especially as it was a very serious matter and in honour of those people who fought in that war.

Did you know that a Zeppelin landed on Huttoft? And did you know troops came to defend Skegness to save lives? We learned about how World War I started and what ‘the trenches’ were.

We sang a song called, ‘Stuck in the Middle’, I think most of our class liked it. All of us felt a little nervous in front of so many parents, but after it, it had gone well and all of us enjoyed it.

We also learned that Huttoft School pupils Walter and George Bearman lost their lives in the First World War, they served in the Navy.

Year 5 Trip to Gibralter Point, 12th November, 2018

We were excited to be finally at Gibraltar Point and looking forward to a long walk from the car park to the beach. It was breezy but above us was a bright blue sky – not a cloud in sight!

We discovered how sand dunes are made. Did you know that the newest sand dunes are called embryo dunes? You have to be careful where you walk so that you don’t damage them. The older dunes are a long way from the sea shore now because the coastline is changing. We saw lagoons and creeks filled with sea water because it had just been high tide. Up in the sky we saw and heard a skylark, singing in flight, no other birds can do this. Amazing!

Gibraltar Point is a great place to visit; lots of us felt really knowledgeable after our morning there. Everyone needs to look after this special place, not just the nature reserve staff, but the public too so that it is there for children in the future to enjoy…oh, and the wildlife too!

Year 2 Trip to Donna Nook, 18th October, 2018

We had a great time at Donna Nook on our class trip. The first bit of excitement was getting on the big, white coach with our partners. We played games and sang songs as we travelled there. When we arrived, all wrapped up warm, we walked down the windy path. We couldn’t believe how many seals we could see! The cows (mums) were looking after their new born pups (babies) or having a sleep waiting for them to be born. The bulls (dads) were huge and grey, they were watching us and making sure we weren’t going to hurt their babies.

There were lots of signs to read which helped us learn more about the seals and why they were at Donna Nook for Winter.

We saw a pup that had been born just 5 minutes before and it was so fluffy and white, we think it was just about to have its first drink of milk from its mum as we were leaving.

We had an extra surprise on our visit – the jets were doing some practising so kept flying over us, they were so loud!

It was time to get back on the bus with our partners which meant more chatting, singing and game playing before arriving back at school for our much-needed lunch!

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Year 5 trip to Shropshire

We had to set our alarm clocks really early on the Monday morning to be at school before 7am! As we got on the coach some of us were excited, but a bit nervous too. We soon got settled though once we had set off. You won’t be surprised to hear that Mrs Hurrell was the first to start eating sweets!

Chester Zoo was huge – there was so much to see – and the boat ride was great fun. In the bat cave the bats were flying freely about our heads, it made you feel a bit shivery and the smell wasn’t too good either! We saw a sloth – he was so cool! It was the first time most of us had stayed at a youth hostel but it was great to be with our friends, so we shared rooms and chatted late into the night (especially Taylan!) On day 2 some of us went for a walk before having a tasty breakfast.

Blist’s Hill museum village was very interesting with everything set out like it was in Victorian times – it even smelled old! You could go in to the shops and buy traditional sweets. We saw rugs like the ones at Styal Mill the day before, they are very old fashioned but homely! The funicular railway at Bridgnorth – the steepest in England – was incredible and walking in the Shropshire sunshine was sort of satisfying.

We had mixed feelings travelling home on the coach – Isabelle said she felt like a fried egg because of the heat….some of us were looking forward to seeing our family again and falling into our own comfy beds….but we were all in agreement about one thing: it had been a brilliant School Journey!

Year 6 trip to Derbyshire

First Day

Our first stop in Derbyshire was at Matlock near where the Crich Tramway Museum was. We found out about how trams were powered. Some were pulled by teams of horses. You would need 12 horses to pull just 1 tram for one day. A double decker tram had 24 horses to pull it per day. After we all went to the shops we had a tram ride. We were given half pennies to give to the conductor who gave us the tickets in return. The teachers had a normal penny for their tickets. When we had finished on the tram we went for a woodland walk where we found wooden statues and then went on to what looked like a maze made out of rocks.

Kedleston Hall was next – a massive house bigger than Belton House. There were about 50 different rooms each with different pictures and statues. At the Youth Hostel we waited for Mrs Hurrell to sort out our rooms and then we unpacked in them until our evening meal. For our meal we had three choices: they were chicken and mushroom pie, jacket potato and broccoli and cauliflower bake. For pudding you had 3 choices: they were chocolate fudge cake, choc ice and salad. Once we had finished we had a 2 and a half hour walk which was extremely tiring, through Dovedale. When we got back we all had a shower and got ready for bed.

Second Day

Breakfast was at 8:00 and we could have a full English breakfast, cereals, yoghurt and toast. After breakfast we went for a little run. Then we went to the church to find out about the different things inside. Mrs Hurrell told us that the hostel used to belong to the Cadbury family, like a private house, and the church was their own private church. We got our stuff packed and onto the bus before we went to the Carsington Environmental exhibit where we found out how to protect water and how not to block the sinks or toilets. Later on we went to the Eyam museum where we found out about the plague that started in London. There was some cloth bought by a tailor in Eyam, from London. Fleas were on the cloth. The person who opened the box and got the cloth was the first to die. Then we went for a walk around Eyam near the church and passed the house where the tailor lived and the plague started. There were a few graves of the people who died in the plague. After we got back on the coach for Matlock Bath where we went on a cable car up to the Heights of Abraham. The cable cars went at a slow and steady pace. At the top we had a guide take us around the lead mine that was there. The mine was like a lot of huge caves and we saw pickaxe markings. We also saw marks that had been formed by erosion. When we got out of the caves a cable car took us back down to the coach park from where the bus driver drove us all the way back to school for 7:30 pm.

Year 5 Class Assembly

We are all really proud of our Class Assembly! The message about Celebrating Difference was clear – our parents and friends have told us they understood what we were trying to put across. Even though we had a few mishaps on Friday afternoon, it was a success! Everyone liked the Yo Yo Yo Rap (especially the beat box!). One of our favourite bits was the Flashdance – What a Feeling song; we thought it added a cheery touch to a serious topic. We were in time with our dance moves and loved the whole thing. There was a great reaction from the audience too!

It’s meant a lot to us as a class, following this Learn Equality Live Equal project and being anti-bullying ambassadors. We are much more aware of how everyone, by playing a small part such as being tolerant and respectful, can make a difference to the lives of other people. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be. We are now looking forward to sharing the new books linked to the scheme with the rest of the school during the next few weeks.

Wear your own tie day!

On Wednesday, the 21st March an event “wear your own tie day!” was held. Nearly everyone in the school took part.

This event was chosen and organised by the Query Crew. Everyone was excited to take part. The money we paid was to raise money for Water Aid charity, which is a charity to raise money to buy clean water for people who don’t have any or enough and need it for their daily lives. The amount was £100.

A few of the different designs of ties were swirly, glittery, cartoon, gemmed, circled, musical and plain.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this event and we would like to do it again some time. We’ve now raised over £500 for different charities this school year. That’s something we are very proud of……and we’ve still all the Summer Term to organise raising more for worthy causes!

Year 6 Business Enterprise - March

In Year 6 we have been doing a Business Enterprise project. There are many things we have produced including slime, flip books and pictures. We have spent a lot of time planning and making our products. We had to do a presentation about them to the Headteacher and the Business Enterprise Captains from Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Alford. They asked questions about our products and were interested in the prices we had decided on. As a result most prices we needed to change to make them fair. It cost us money to buy some of the things we needed to use like paper, glitter and clips. Some resources we already had at home so we didn’t need to buy them. Our products are to sell to the other children and our parents. The slime will be liked by younger children and so will the pictures. The flip books will be interesting to look at because of how they flip across from one page to another while making the picture look as if it is slightly moving. The loom bands are bright colours.

Year 3 Wider Opportunites Concert - February

Here's Year 3 performing during their WOPs concert.