Hot Off The Press!

Hockey Tournament, Skegness Grammar School - 8th March

This was the day a group of excited Year 3 and Year 4 hockey players went to Skegness Grammar School with Mr Irving and Miss Warsap to take part in their first hockey tournament. When we arrived, we saw lots of other primary schools there so there were lots of children around. Mr Irving put us into 2 teams of mixed Year 3’s and Year 4’s. I was in group B and league 1. Then someone said we needed hockey sticks – it seemed to take ages for somebody to get some for us! Finally, they came with some sticks and we were ready. Our first match was against a team wearing blue and yellow tops. Unfortunately, we lost 2-1. The next game I found myself playing against my football team mate, we had more luck in that game and the score was 1-1, and I got the equaliser! Altogether we played 10 games and we saved the best until last as we won 6-1! The match I was looking forward to most was our second to last game as I was playing another football team mate. I really enjoyed the day and playing a team sport with my friends. We all played well and supported and encouraged each other in true Huttoft primary style.

Athletics at Skegness Academy - 10th February

I really enjoyed doing indoor athletics at Skegness Academy. I was really excited. There were many other schools competing and they were all very good. That made me nervous. Towards the end of the morning, the scores were close…..very close they kept telling us…. On the last activity (4 x 1 relay) the scores were finalised. We had won. Everyone in the Huttoft team was overjoyed. It was one of the best days of my life. So I would like to say thank you to everyone at Skegness Academy for that amazing morning.

Big Breakfast - 9th February

We were all excited when we walked through the gate because we could smell the bacon cooking! Wow….what a start to our day!

Some of us liked the taste of the bacon with scrambled eggs and some people liked the cereal best. After eating it all we couldn’t even eat our snacks at playtime because we were so full up.

We had hockey after playtime and felt we played better than usual…..was that down to the happy feeling of full tummies I wonder?

Later in the day we got to explore Mr Casey’s HUGE tractor which was parked outside school all day. We had measurements to take, patterns to look out for, art work and word searches to complete – all connected with food in Lincolnshire.

It was a great day all round.

Geography Field Trip to Gibraltar Point - 11th October

Our Geography Field Trip to Gibraltar Point was amazing! We were all wrapped up for Winter with coats and thick jumpers but when we got there the sun was beaming down on us making us all hot!

The lagoons were shimmering under the brilliant blue sky as we walked along the salt marsh path to the beach. We all stopped and listened to a skylark singing. Then we saw a flock of geese overhead flying in triangle formation. It was really interesting to learn about how sand dunes are made and the different stages – embryo, yellow then grey dunes and all the different grasses like couch and marram grass. When we were on the beach we could see Norfolk in the distance….and lots of wind turbines!

On the way back to the bus we saw the biggest caterpillar! It was brown and hairy and would probably become a massive moth! All too soon we were back on the coach heading back to school, just in time to avoid the rain!

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Non-Competitive Sports Afternoon - 27th September

I was very excited in the morning because it was the day for NC Sports Afternoon. Finally it was time to be in the Hall joining our teams. In my team, among others, were Charlie, Skyla and Alyssa with Mrs Peet, as our teacher. I was asked to help look after Alyssa – she was very excited (like me), even though I’ve done NC Sports every year!

When we got on the field and playground it was very warm. When we were doing the stacking cups I taught Alyssa how to do it and she was amazing at it! After that we did running through the floor hurdles. Everyone was enjoying themselves and there were lots of our parents there enjoying themselves too. When we started or finished an activity, Mrs Hurrell blew a whistle to indicate it. Alyssa did very well at all the activities on this, her first time ever! She ran really fast in the relay race. Afterwards we were all exhausted and happy at the same time. I enjoyed it a lot as well. The good thing about NC Sports is that it is just like doing lots of ‘warm up’ activities.

Year 6 Learning the haka!

Year 6 have really enjoyed learning the moves for the haka!

Year 5 Shropshire Trip – 4th-5th July

Our Year 5 school trip was the best! Although the travelling took a while, we had games and bags full of sweets to keep us entertained! First we went to Styal Quarry Bank Mill, the first cotton producing mill in Britain. The monorail at Chester Zoo was a great sight-seeing moment. The zoo was amazing especially the gift shop and despite getting wet we loved seeing the animals.

Our next stop was our hostel, it was a unique Tudor style building and some of us thought it was haunted! On arrival we had the chance to make apple crumble for our pudding. We had all different varieties of food for our meal and then it was outside for a game of soft ball rounders. Finally we enjoyed our yummy crumble fresh from the oven.

Next morning after a little walk we had a nicely served breakfast – cereals, bacon, eggs, toast and lots more! The coach picked us up and off we went to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum. In one flood, the iron bridge was the only one to stay standing! Next stop: the Blist Hill Victorian town. We all bought sweets from the Victorian tuck shop and Mrs Hurrell treated us to a ride on the swinging chairs, an old fashioned fairground ride, which was great. Then we stepped into the shoes of Victorian pupils – the teacher was very strict and even had a cane. You weren’t allowed to put your elbows on the desks! It was wonderful two days and we would love to do it again!

Year 6 Cycling Ability - 23rd June

We were all excited. We had our bikes coded by the PCSO first. We had to fill in a booklet had told us how to be safe on our bike and on the road. Then Mrs Smalley taught us the basics of being on the road on a bike. There were cones on the playground that we had to go round, arrows to follow and lots of riding holding the handle bars with one hand and signalling clearly with the other.

We learned how to set off on a bike with the pedals in the correct positions and how to stop safely. Mrs Smalley did it with Layla’s bike. WE all had great fun that day and we all hope that in the future we will be safe and happy on the road and will not have any worries on the road. Thank you Mrs Smalley for helping us with our bike ability. It was a great help to everyone.

New IT Equipment

Wow! We were so excited to use the new laptops - the trolley was jam packed! We all had a laptop each - it was amazing! We were surprised how quickly we could log on and get started with our work. Lots of us said it was easier to type because the keyboards are smooth to use.

When it came to load programmes, everything came up really quickly and there was no waiting at all! The new Windows version seems easy to use and it has more features. It's brilliant to have the latest systems and updated technology - thank you, Mrs Hurrell!

Summer Term Activity Club for Year 2’s

In our homework we had to write a letter to Mrs Hurrell and convince her to let us run a Club of our choice for Year 2’s with help from our friends. We have put on athletics, singing, drama, gym, ball skills, IT and a few others! We ran the skills ourselves with Mrs Ayres-Smith there just for supervision. Before we ran our Clubs we were all a bit nervous but also we were really excited to have this opportunity. We split the Year 2’s into groups to teach them the skills we wanted them to learn. The year 6’s all got the chance to do the Club we planned. Once each had had a turn we felt very proud because we had just ran a Club by ourselves! The Year 2’s gave us lots of feedback – “that was amazing”, “I love your Clubs,” “Can we do this next week?”. Well, we Year 2’s all wish we could do it again too!

Year 5 Curriculum Day at John Spendluffe Technical College - 20th June

Everyone in Year 5 was excited about our visit to JSTC to attend a Curriculum Day. Even the torrential rain couldn’t stop us from enjoying all the interesting activities. One of our favourite sessions was Science because we each got to use a Bunsen burner to test the energy content of snack foods by burning them. Art was great fun – trying to draw a minion on a small paper plate…. That’s easy you might say, but not when the plate is on the top of your head! It was a brilliant day – it went so quickly and we came back to school soaked but happy!

Year 3 trip to Belton House - 17th June

It is a very old house which has lots of cobwebs! It’s very rich and fancy on one half but the other half is dark and the floor is rock hard.

There may have been cobwebs on the outside, but when we went inside there were no cobwebs anywhere. We learned how servants lived their lives at Belton House. All the boys were called ‘Tom’ and all girls were called ‘Mary’. We had to dress and do jobs like the servants. We had to pretend to carry wood to the fire and the girls had to wash the dishes and scrub the floor! It was very hard work!

When we had done that we went into the rich half of Belton House where we learned how to do fancy writing like the children did in the olden days. Then we played with the toys that the children that lived in Belton House would have played with. My favourite part was dressing up and doing fancy writing. I loved going on our trip it was incredibly fabulous!

Year 3 Assembly - 20 May

Our Class Assembly was all about light. We had multiple feelings inside……nervous, but pleased because we were all well prepared. Daisy introduced the Assembly, then we sang ‘Silvery Moon’ starring Rossi. It was really funny! We all had canes and moved from side to side.

Isabelle was a police lady telling Rossi the moon isn’t a light source, she was quite fierce! I said the moon reflects light from the sun. I loved the part where Rossi sang Man in the Mirror and so did the audience! Just before the play of Diwali we all got in lines and sang Here Comes the Sun. I had the first line in the play of Rama and Sita. Me, Alfie, Erin and Lacey were narrators telling the story then we got in lines and held candles to let Rama and Sita walk down the aisle while I said my last line. Then we got ready in our positions for the dance – a traditional Hindu dance. Finally Daisy said the prayer. Then as we all left the Hall, we all felt warm and very proud.

Swimming Gala - 22nd April

On Friday, 22nd April we (Emily, Libby, Tashan, Sam and Georgie alongside Mrs Hurrell and Mrs Stow) went to a swimming gala. It took place at the Meridian swimming centre at Louth. We were competing against many different schools from all over the East Midlands! It was part of the ESSA Regional swimming competition.

At first we all felt a little bit nervous, but we were also filled with excitement. Before the competition got started we had to do a quick warm up. Being out of the pool we felt very warm, but as soon as we got in the water and were swimming, it felt like heaven! Once the warm up was over, we had to sit and wait for the other schools to finish their warm up.

The races finally started. We were all ready and set to go! Our competitors looked really fast, but that didn’t bother us! We were competing in 2 relay races, one of them was a freestyle race and the other was a medley. Tashan and Georgie each did one race whereas Emily, Libby and Sam took part in both of the races.

The races started with a bang! Emily started them both amazingly, and Sam finished them perfectly! As the races came to an end, we were all exhausted! The experience was amazing and we felt we were very privileged to have taken part. At the end, Mrs Hurrell told us we had done very well and even better than last year’s team because we had no disqualifications.

Alford Day Centre - 21st April

Last term the choir went to Alford Day Centre and sang Christmas songs for the elderly people; they enjoyed it so much so they came to visit us at Huttoft School. We were so excited to see them again.

We made our visitors presents to make them feel welcome. We each gave a present to a person of our choice. The person who we gave the gift to, we would look after them for the rest of the morning. We took tea and coffee to them and gave them cakes. We sang our Easter songs to them, then we took them to our gardens and around the school. We told them all about our life time at this school.

Some of our visitors stayed inside and filled out questionnaires all about their life at school and at home. Then some people read out their poems about the Queen’s birthday that we had written in school. When we found out that it was also the birthday of one of our visitors, we sang the National Anthem. Funnily enough we didn’t really know the words, so some of us were mumbling along but our visitors definitely knew the song. Some people waved their flags with joy!

It was a wonderful morning. We would like to say a big thank you to our amazing visitors and a very big Happy Birthday to Barbara. We were really happy to see everybody. We hope to see them again soon.

Sensory Garden…

The Sensory Garden is a very special part of our garden at Huttoft Primary School. It is just next to the Meaker Suite (the Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms). We were so happy to have the chance to walk around our AMAZING Sensory Garden with Mrs Hurrell and find out about the interesting nature around it.

Sensory Garden

The Bug Hotel is supported by the whole school. To keep it as a Hotel for the bugs, the Year 6 children collect sticks and twigs, snap them in half and place them in the stone tubs so the bugs have somewhere comfortable to stay overnight. It is nice to go in and have a look at the nature.

Sensory Garden

As you walk through the Sensory Garden, you can spot a beautiful pond. The other day we saw that a frog was sitting on a Lilypad. It was great excitement to see that and to know that we had even more nature for the rest of the school to see and enjoy.

Sensory Garden

Last year we had a lovely tyre track donated to us by Mr Pridgeon. It is HUGE. We’ve already got stairs built up to it so we can go inside it. Mrs Hurrell has asked Year 6 to think of what we can use it as. She said we could not use it as a sandpit as it would use too much sand and it would need a cover over it. If it was in your garden what would you use it as? We have given her lots of our ideas and we are waiting to hear which ones she will choose to develop.

Samba Drumming

A group of Year 5's and Year 6's thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to make music with these Brazilian percussion instruments. The very precise rhythms were successfully played by fitting them to words. There was a real sense of "teamwork" in the final performance.