Our Nursery is an integral part of our school. It is Ofsted registered and open all day, every day in term time. Our Nursery receives Government Grant Funding for both 2 year olds and 3 year olds. Hot lunch provision is available through the school's meals provider. Parents/carers should be aware that of the 14 allergens(as described by the Food Standards Agency), the ingredients milk and eggs are likely to have been included in the meals. Our Nursery Leader is a fully qualified Early Years teacher and has recently gained an additional qualification – Early Years Professional Status.

Children are welcome to start as soon as they are 2 years old. Hours of attendance are flexible – some children stay all day, others attend part time.

The nursery's outdoor areas are totally secure and covered by the school's CCTV; they offer a broad range of stimulating activities all year round. There is a delightful quiet room indoors, ICT facilities, a large conservatory and a designated practical area for modelling, painting and messy activities. Full use is made of the school's Hall for PD activities.

Every week on a Friday morning, parents/carers are welcome to bring their children to Tiny Tofts where a member of our Nursery staff is present to deliver the session whilst parents/carers supervise their child(ren) and meet other adults. This is an ideal opportunity to familiarise yourself and your child with Huttoft Primary School. Open from 8.40 a.m. to 10.10 a.m., children from birth to pre school play together with age appropriate activities in the School Hall or Nursery and refreshments are available. Booking is not necessary – a warm welcome is always extended to all. Contact us on: 01507 490284 or e:mail:

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Autumn Term Report 2016

At the start of the Autumn Term we had lots of fun singing songs and playing games which helped us get to know the names of all our new friends. We used the Nursery iPod to take photographs of each other and Mrs Denton helped us to make a big class book called, “Walking through the Nursery – who do we see?’ It’s still one of our favourite books in the story corner.

We loved the late Autumn when the school grounds were covered in fallen leaves. We had so much fun ‘helping’ Mr Lake to collect up the leaves and I am sure that he will want us to help again next year! Some of the leaves on the ‘big school’ playground were ‘eeenormous’; we simply never tired of collecting Autumn Treasure. Mrs Denton was very proud of how well we sorted, sized and counted our finds. As Harvest approached we begun to wonder what we would find inside our three pumpkins. Would we find the same inside the big pumpkin as the little pumpkin? We had so much fun guessing!

During the week following Bonfire Night, we set to work in our ‘Messy Area’ to create a most wonderful display; we mixed, printed, dabbed, rolled, splattered and sprinkled paint, glue and glitter! Not to mention working together to create our giant rocket and learning to count backwards:….’5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Blast Off!’

As Christmas time approached we had the most wonderful time decorating the Nursery and making surprise gifts for home. We also learned about the ‘Christmas Story’ and prepared for our Nativity Play. On the day of our performance we felt a little bit overwhelmed at times, the stage was so high and all our families were there to watch but we felt very proud to have taken part.

Summer Term Report 2016

Returning after the Easter break we quickly set about ‘Spring Cleaning’ our outdoor area. Mr Lake helped us a lot too. Not only did he provide us with more logs for our ‘Minibeast Area’, he also created a new ‘Growing Area’ and gave us some pea plants. We took very good care of them and by July the pods were bursting! We enjoyed picking, counting and finally eating the peas. Our families baked cakes for us to sell which enabled us to raise enough money to buy a sharing trike. Mrs Denton helped us to work out a fair way of ensuring that everyone had a turn. We had such fun – one minute it was a taxi, the next a fire engine!

Towards the end of the Summer Term we began our transition preparation for our move in to Reception. We loved our shared playtimes on the ‘big’ school field. In Nursery we opened a ‘Uniform Shop’ and had lots of fun trying on our new uniform. Mrs Hurrell bought us a new full length mirror so that we could fully admire ourselves. We really enjoyed our full day visit to Reception to meet our new teacher, Miss Skinner; she was very impressed with how well we sat on the carpet and listened. Just before we broke up for the summer holiday we invited our families to join us for a ‘Waddle and Toddle’ on the school field, the sun shone brightly and afterwards we enjoyed lots of picnic treats. During our last week in Nursery we sat down with Mrs Denton and helped to pack a little red suitcase with things that we would most like to take with us in to Reception.

Spring Term Report 2016

Returning after the Christmas break is always such an exciting time with so much to show and tell! Mrs Denton purposefully ate up all her Christmas chocolates so that we could set about rolling and squishing our special ‘chocolate’ play dough to fill the empty trays! Once we had settled back into our routine, the story ‘One Snowy Night’ helped us to think about how lucky we are. In the story, all the delightful woodland animals become homeless when it snows but Percy the Park Keeper very kindly invites them all into his small hut to share his bed. Inside Percy’s cosy Story Corner we took turns to snuggle beneath a warm blanket, pretending to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with our friends whilst taking turns to use our beautiful story basket puppets to act out the tale and re-tell our version of the Percy’s story. During one of our circle times we decided that we would make some very special ‘Bird Cake’ so that the birds in our garden did not go hungry and we watched Mr Lake put up some new bird boxes in the ‘big school’ playground which made us happy.

As the weather got colder we got very excited at the sight of ‘Jack Frost’ on our way to Nursery and in our playground. We went outside and made patterns in him! Indoors, we explored lots of different ways of making ‘frosty patterns’ on paper. Then we collected fallen branches and transformed them in to a ‘Frozen Wonderland’. Giant icebergs (ice balloons) appeared and the penguins and polar bears had a wonderful time sliding down them! The big ice bergs took ages to melt but the little icebergs did not take all that long. We also learnt that polar bears and penguins do not live at the same pole together in real life…but we had lots of fun imagining!

As if we didn’t have enough excitement Mr Casey brought his tractor to school and we got to walk right up to it! It was enormous! We stood in front of its tracks and Mrs Denton took our photograph. Back in Nursery we could not stop talking about how big it was and we began to measure ourselves to see who was the tallest.

As Mother’s Day approached we shared Julia Donaldson’s wonderful book: ‘Monkey Puzzle’ about a little monkey all alone, lost in the jungle and looking for his mummy to help us understand how important our mummy is to us. In our maths tray we had lots of lovely ‘Easter’ treasure to find, sort and count. We tried really hard because we wanted to impress Easter Bunny who is very good at counting as he has to share out his chocolate eggs.

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