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Our Nursery is an integral part of our school and is open every day in term time. It receives Government Grant Funding for 2 year olds, 3 year olds and the new 30 hours for eligible children. Hot lunch provision is available through the school's meals provider. Parents/carers should be aware that of the 14 allergens(as described by the Food Standards Agency), the ingredients milk and eggs are likely to have been included in the meals. Our Nursery Leader is a fully qualified Early Years teacher who also has an Early Years Professional Status.

Children are welcome to start as soon as they are 2 years old. All sessions commence at 8:30am. Finish times are 11:30am, 1:30pm, 2:45pm or 4pm. There is a Breakfast Club from 7:30 - 8:30am and an After School Club (called Helping Hands) starting at 4pm and finishing at 4:30pm, 5pm and 5:30pm. Fees must be paid for these Clubs - they are not included in the 15/30 hours government funding. All children attending the Nursery wear our simple uniform of a Huttoft Nursery polo shirt and a Huttoft Nursery sweatshirt. These are purchased either from the Nursery or direct from Trutex, our online uniform supplier.

The nursery's outdoor areas are totally secure and covered by the school's CCTV; they offer a broad range of stimulating activities all year round. There is a delightful quiet room indoors, IT facilities and a designated practical area for modelling, painting and messy activities. Full use is made of the school's Hall for PD activities.

Every Friday morning a member of the Nursery staff runs a special session for parents/carers and their children aged from birth to pre-school. This session is called "Tiny Tofts". It commences at 8:40am and runs until 10:10am in the school hall with a variety of age appropriate toys available. The parents/carers supervise their own children at play whilst meeting other parents/carers. Refreshments are available and a warm welcome is extended to all. Booking is not necessary but if you would like any more information please contact us on 01507 490284. There is a nominal charge for "Tiny Tofts", payable on arrival.

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Spring Term Report 2018

We were all very excited to return to Nursery after the Christmas break as we couldn’t wait to tell each other about the lovely toys Father Christmas had delivered! Once we had settled back into our routine, Miss Baker, a student teacher came to teach us for a few weeks. We had great fun exploring rhyme and rhythm with musical instruments and even more fun pretending to be dinosaurs. In case you hadn’t already noticed – quite a few of us are mad about dinosaurs! In the Hall during music and movement, we played ‘Tyra Tyrannosaurus says…’ which really got us listening!

As the weather got colder we got very excited…would it really snow? Well it did and we all got to stay at home for three days and build snowmen with our families. When we returned to Nursery, the story ‘One Snowy Night’ helped us to think about what it is like for our woodland animals when it snows. Percy the Park Keeper wrote to us and asked that we make some special ‘bird cake’ so that the birds in our garden did not go hungry.

As if we didn’t have enough excitement Mr Casey brought his tractor to school and we got to walk right up to it! It was enormous! We stood in front of its tracks and Mrs Denton took our photographs. Back in Nursery we could not stop talking about how big it was and we began to measure ourselves to see who was the tallest. Later in the week we tucked into a ‘Big Breakfast’ of bacon and eggs.

As Mother’s Day approached our workshop area became a hive of activity. In our maths tray we had lots of lovely ‘Easter’ treasure to find, sort and count. We tried really hard because we wanted to impress Easter Bunny because we know that he is very good at counting – as he has to share out his chocolate eggs amongst all the children.

Autumn Term Report 2017

What a busy and exciting time we have had in Nursery! At the start of the term we had lots of fun playing games which helped us to get to know our new friends. Our hairdresser role play area was a huge success – it was quite difficult to get an appointment at times! The children very quickly learned to take turns and it helped everyone to begin to appreciate how we are all different but equally special.

As the leaves began to fall from the trees we just had to be outdoors. We are so lucky to have such wonderful grounds with so much to explore. Although, we never found the ‘Leaf Man’ we certainly had lots of fun searching! We found lots of other Autumn treasure though and once we had sorted, sized and counted out our finds we used them to create lovely pictures. We learnt new skills too such as leaf printing.

As Halloween, Bonfire Night and the darker evenings approached we shared simple stories such as ‘Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?’ and ‘Owl Babies’ - all gentle tales which helped to reassure the children. We began to wonder what we would find inside our three pumpkins. Would we find the same inside the big pumpkin as the little pumpkin? The children made some interesting predictions and had lots of messy fun finding out.

As Christmas approached our ‘workshop’ area was buzzing with excitement as we prepared surprises for home – what a busy time for little fingers…so much pasting of glue and sprinkling of glitter! Alongside this we somehow found the time to learn a little about the ‘Christmas Story’ and prepare for our Nativity Play. I wish that you could have been behind the scenes on the day of our performance because the children were buzzing with excitement. I was so proud of each and every child and I think that you will agree that it was a wonderful end to the Autumn Term and to 2017.

Summer Term 2017

This Summer Term has been amazing in lots of different ways! Firstly, we all got together to talk about what new things we would we most like in our nursery outdoor area. A ‘real’ dinosaur area and our own ‘Farmer Brown’s Ice Cream shop’ came out on top! Mrs Denton sat down with us and we made a ‘Mind Map’ of all the things we might need to create these. Then we worked hard together to make this happen. Actually, Mr Lake helped us create a ‘real’ dinosaur world as we knew that we wanted lots of big logs in there! We quickly became very good at making all sorts of ice cream in our outdoor kitchen and discovered that dinosaurs really like daisy ice cream with grass sprinkles!

Come rain or shine, we have spent a lot more time on the ‘Big’ school field this summer and loved every minute! Each day we packed a back pack with everything we might need in an emergency along with footballs and collecting baskets… …we are much stronger and healthier as a result.

Indoors we really enjoyed our full day visit to Reception to meet our new teacher, Miss Skinner; she was very impressed with how well we sat on the carpet and listened to the story. Just before we broke up for the summer holiday we invited our families to join us for a ‘Waddle and Toddle’ on the school field, the sun shone brightly and afterwards we enjoyed lots of picnic treats. It was a lovely way to end our time in nursery.

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