Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

In school we provide many opportunities for the children to develop in all these areas. Many such opportunities are built into our curriculum schemes of work as well as into our Assemblies, but we are always seeking to further SMSC development by means of additional enrichment activities. Our Policy for SMSC defines our interpretation of all four areas and outlines much of what we do to promote SMSC.

Spiritual and Moral development are the easiest to identify in our daily school life and every classroom includes at least one easily identifiable reference to SMSC on display at all times.

memorial fountainOur Memorial Fountain
music in the churchEnjoying music in the Church

Social development involves each child's growth in knowledge and understanding of society starting with our families at home and at school and extending by Year 6 right through to roles and responsibilities as citizens.

playground noticeboardOur Playground noticeboard
beautiful groundsOur beautiful grounds

Our Year 6 curriculum includes Business Enterprise Studies and Careers Education, both of which contribute to preparing the children for adult life. Fund raising for local and national charities is a regular part of our school’s life – organised by our Query Crew. These events are always very well supported by our school community. Recently Marie Curie, Water Aid, The Air Ambulance, RNLI and Save the Children Fund have benefitted from the children’s support.

charityOur Assembly noticeboard

Cultural development is about the children's understanding of their own culture and that of others in their village/town/area. This extends to the understanding of cultures elsewhere in the world. Cultural development promotes the value of differences.

culture wallCelebrating Culture - a whole school mural

Recently the children have learned first-hand about some customs of Denmark and everyone enjoyed another opportunity to experience Taiko drumming. Our weekly Singing Sessions include repertoire from around the world. Each Spring Term we hold a whole school Mindfulness Day designed to raise awareness of feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations and what's around us in order to develop skills for understanding how emotions manifest themselves in us.

Section 78 of the 2002 Education Act not only requires Schools to promote SMSC development of pupils but also to ensure that schools are actively promoting fundamental British values. The five strands that make up “British Values” are democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. Traditional family values underpin everything we do at Huttoft and are central to our aims and ethos. Much of our curriculum from Reception right through to Year 6, along with our behaviour policy and work in SMSC education incorporates one or more of these strands – notably in PE, Assemblies, Humanities, PSHE, Literacy, IT and the Arts.