Survey Outcomes

As a forward thinking school we take regular surveys to find out what our parents, children and staff think of their experience at Huttoft Primary School. The Governing Body along with the Headteacher analyses this data very carefully to inform future school developments.

Analysis from our 2015/16 Parent View survey showed our parents to be 100% satisfied with our school. Click here to find out more.

To view our current Parent View survey please click here.

Outlined below are some changes we have implemented as a result of our 2013, 2014 and 2015 surveys.

The Query Crew established that the children would like to have:-

gardeningHaving fun in after school clubs

Our Parents told us that:


In 2013 we surveyed all parents about "e-safety" at home and whilst only 26% of our parents responded, it did identify that there are some areas we could support parents with through our work in school.

Thank you to all those parents who took part, your responses and comments are valued and these three actions are now embedded in our work. Additionally further information and advice for parents concerning childrens online usage has been circulated in 2015.


2015-16 Survey Results

In November 2015 all our Year 4 and Year 6 pupils took part in the Lincolnshire On-Line Bullying Survey involving 2392 children across 59 primary schools.

  • 87% of our pupils said that the school helps children who are worried or sad about bullying - compared with 62% across the county
  • 100% of our children said they would tell a teacher or adult at the school if they were worried about bullying (county figure is 82%)
  • There continues to be no physical bullying at our school, compared with a county figure of 42%
  • 91% of children said that the school would deal “very well” with bullying should it occur (100% said “well” or better), whereas the county picture is 49%

Click to view 2014-15 Survey Results

In November 2014 all our Year 4 and Year 6 pupils took part in an online Primary School survey about Bullying involving over 2000 children.

  • 96% of our children feel this School helps children who are worried by or sad about bullying.
  • 100% of our children said they would tell someone else if they were being bullied.
  • There is no physical bullying at this School - compared with a national picture of 38%.
  • 74% of our children said they'd seen or were aware of bullying incidents in the park or the road where they play.
  • 98% of our children feel this School deals "very well" with bullying - the national figure is just 53%.


In March 2015 Year 5 surveyed the whole school about our uniform.