Learning Zone

Why not take a look at some of these websites to support your child's learning?

Espresso Education...

In school we use this fantastic online education resource produced by Discovery Education. To access this from home you need to use the following link, Espresso. Login details can be obtained from the school office.

Little Extras...

  • Our current Assembly themes include Winners and Losers, Fathers, Tact, and Instructions. Perhaps you'd like to explore these further at home.
  • Our current PSHE themes this term include Bullying and Teasing, Healthy Lifestyles, and Financial Capability. Perhaps you'd like to explore these further at home too.
  • Our current food spellings are: potato, dough, marmalade.

lentMap of Australia
lentBuckingham Palace

  • Find our what Queen Victoria gave to Australia on 9th July 1900.
  • Buckingham Palace is the Queen's London home. What other palaces and castles does she have?
  • Scientists discovered Pluto in 1930. Find out three more facts about Pluto.

Raising Achievement - How you can help at home...

  • Even in the digital age we believe handwriting remains an important skill and key tool in communicating ideas and knowledge. We always focus on good presentation of work to reflect this and to encourage our pupils to take pride in all that they do.
  • We believe that reading is not only a key skill but that it should also be a source of joy, inspiration and knowledge. Children should be reading for pleasure, ideally across a range of genres and should develop reading stamina by regularly reading books of longer length which may be more challengeing.
  • These sentiments are reflected in the findings of Ofsted's recent surveys of schools with successful reading outcomes.