What Our Parents Say...

We are delighted to receive so much positive feedback from our parents and listed below are some recent comments. Whilst celebrating the many good things we do at Huttoft there are times when parents have concerns or are in need of clarification and we are always ready to receive your comments in these respects too.

It was so lovely to see and hear the recorders, violins and cello playing at Christingles - amazing for children so young!
Year 2 parent
Having child-care from 7.30 - 5.30 every day is just wonderful. I leave mine knowing they're in such safe hands. I felt quite overwhelmed to see my child say her lines so confidently in the Class Assembly.
Year 3 parent Year 6 parent
Staff go out of their way to accommodate each child's needs. I wish I'd moved mine here sooner.
Year 2 parent
My child loves the responsibility given to him in Y6 - especially helping at lunchtime. I can't believe how quickly my little girl settled into Nursery. She just loves it!
Year 6 Year N parent
My 'Parent Lunch' was delicious! A far cry from school dinners as I remember them!
Year 4 parent
I'd like to thank you all for the professional manner in which you conduct your school. Long may it continue. The children in this school are so polite and well-mannered.
Year 1 parent Year 4 parent
Day 1 at Huttoft and my child's name was on the classroom door to welcome him and he came home with a certificate detailing his day! What a great start!
Year 5 parent
What a wonderful lead up to Christmas you gave the school - Christingles, a Carol Service, Christmas Dinner, Nativity Plays, presents, cards and a folder of lovely work! This School is so well led. The staff are so calm, the children so happy, everyone is so professional in their approach and the values really are traditional family values that are getting lost in society these days.
Year 3 parent Year 2 parent
Having swimming on the curriculum for two full years - fantastic!
Year 5 parent
All the staff are so dedicated here - their mission is so clear in the way they help every child. My child's whole attitude to PE has changed in Y6. He just loves it and wants to get better and better at it. Gaining a place in the Athletics team has filled him with confidence.
Year 4 parent Year 6 parent
My child couldn't sleep last night as she was so excited about coming back to school tomorrow!
Year R pupil
The staff really take time to listen to children and help them sort things out at this school - so different from the previous one.   This school is all about happiness - just exactly what I want for my children.
Year 1 pupil   Prospective parent
  Such care was taken over every child on the Pantomime trip. I was very impressed with the organisation and support for my child  
  Year R parent  
The Assemblies are amazing. The children sit and listen so attentively and take part when invited. Singing a song together is just lovely.    
Year R parent